Sowing tomatoes & more peppers

Sowing more seeds today – tomatoes, marigolds, and peppers.

I bought a 12 space tray which fits perfectly into the long boot trays I use for the seed starts. I decided I’d put my tomatoes in there since I have 5 or 6 varieties I’d like to grow. Going with Juliette, Roma, purple Cherokee, green zebra, and red zebra. The Juliette’s are my favorite… and over the last couple of years (maybe just last year) I noticed they started taking on more of a Roma type appearance and flavor. I decided to ditch the most recent seeds I had saved and try to go back to the original seeds I used from 2009, and some from 2010.

I also sowed more peppers, this time concentrating on my cayenne varieties. I’ve had 3 different styles in the past, all pretty much the same, but last year I actually grew some yellow cayenne, so I’m giving them a shot this year. Decided to sow more sweet pepper seeds in case the first ones fail.

Finally getting my marigolds in too… Way late but oh well.

Lemme know what ya think, yo...