Batch 55 – Weizen Bam

Weizen Bam about to be proppedBatch 55 is for my friend Paul who is somewhat obsessed with Jolly Pumpkin’s Weizen Bam, a barrel-aged farmhouse wheat beer. I told him we could make it much cheaper than buying so much of it, and there was the possibility of propagating some of the yeast in the bottle. Sounded like a good challenge with the payoff of some great beer. Continue reading

Brewing at Fiddlehead

Today I have the privilege of brewing at Fiddlehead Brewery in Shelburne Vermont. This past April, my homebrew club, the Green Mountain Mashers, held a style competition. Matt Cohen, the owner and brewmaster at Fiddlehead, offered to have the winner come in and brew a ten barrel batch of the winning recipe. Out of more than twenty entries, I placed 2nd and 3rd with two different versions I brewed. The winner offered to let me tag along, so I gladly accepted.

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First Freeze – 10/13/12

We had our first freeze overnight.  I think the temp got down to about 27F.  I tried to cover some things like my zinnia, nasturtiums, peppers, eggplants, mint, and basil.  The only things that actually survived were the nasturtiums and the mint.

What this means for me – basically this is the end of the season.  I will pull everything and compost it, add compost to the garden and til it in, and plant garlic cloves.  I have some time yet, so this probably won’t happen until November.

More later!