Sowing tomatoes & more peppers

Sowing more seeds today – tomatoes, marigolds, and peppers.

I bought a 12 space tray which fits perfectly into the long boot trays I use for the seed starts. I decided I’d put my tomatoes in there since I have 5 or 6 varieties I’d like to grow. Going with Juliette, Roma, purple Cherokee, green zebra, and red zebra. The Juliette’s are my favorite… and over the last couple of years (maybe just last year) I noticed they started taking on more of a Roma type appearance and flavor. I decided to ditch the most recent seeds I had saved and try to go back to the original seeds I used from 2009, and some from 2010. Continue reading

Sowing flowers, herbs, & veggies

Lantana and other flowersGetting some more seeds sown. These are basically my 8-10 week starts. I wanted to get some eggplants and peppers sown, as well as some herbs and a few flowers. For eggplants I’m going with an Asian variety that are long and thin, and some larger ones too. For peppers I started with a few different sweet peppers and also some jalapeños. The jalapeños that grew last year were pretty dang amazing, so I definitely want more this year. Continue reading

DIY Seed Starter Soil

Bear adding in some seed starter mixThis is so freakin easy, I couldn’t believe it. Still don’t.

4 parts filtered compost
2 parts sphagnum peat moss
1 part perlite
1 part vermiculite


Sphagnum peat moss and perlite tend to lighten the mix and allow it to drain more quickly. Compost and vermiculite increase moisture retention.

First Freeze – 10/13/12

We had our first freeze overnight.  I think the temp got down to about 27F.  I tried to cover some things like my zinnia, nasturtiums, peppers, eggplants, mint, and basil.  The only things that actually survived were the nasturtiums and the mint.

What this means for me – basically this is the end of the season.  I will pull everything and compost it, add compost to the garden and til it in, and plant garlic cloves.  I have some time yet, so this probably won’t happen until November.

More later!