Weizen Bam & RIS update

4/3 updates…

RIS – took samples from kegs 1 & 2, both were at 1.038 still. Sealed me back up but am planning on adding some oak soaked in Sapling maple liqueur, or possibly splitting one of the two kegs up and trying some oak experiments: plain oak, bourbon, sapling, sherry, brandy, port, etc. Should be fun to try. I’m also wondering if I should start carving some and submit it for the May comp. maybe we’ll see.

Weizen Bam – prepped the new Better Bottle, transferred the Weizen bam out of 2nd and into it… purposely tried to suck up some of the snow-white yeast at the bottom, plus I added oak spirals that had been soaking in some Weizen Bam dregs (4 bottles), and when it was full I swirled up the rest if the yeast in that little jar with the oak land pitched that on too. My hope is that I can let this go for a while, maybe check it once a week for a bit, then see if I need to wait longer. Gravity was around 1.010, pH was 3.84, same as last time. Tastes more sour though, we’re getting there.

Starting to feel sick yet again, time for bed.